Motor rung VBM-2 Ombvibrators


Thông số kỹ thuật:

Produced by Ombvibrators

Input voltage single-phase with standard executions at: 220-230V 50Hz and 110-115V 60Hz.

Threephase, single voltage with standard executions at 220-230V 50Hz or 380-400V 50Hz and 230V or 460V 60Hz

Vibration speed
2 poles 3000 rpm 50Hz - 3600 rpm 60Hz

On request
Powder painting Blue Ral 5010 for the body. - INOX end covers

The single-phase vibrator motor VBM-2 is equipped with a starting capacitor and 2 mt. electrical cable.

The threephases vibrator motor VBM-2 is equipped with 1 mt. electrical cable.

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