Phoenix Contact
Rơ le an toàn Phoenix Contact PSR-ESA2-B


Thông số kỹ thuật:

Produced by Phoenix Contact

General information:

Relay type Electromechanically forcibly guided, dust-proof relay.
Mechanical service life Approx. 107 cycles
Mounting type DIN rail mounting
Degree of protection IP20
Min. degree of protection of inst. location IP54
Mounting position any
Category according to EN 13849-1 1 (up to Cat. 4 depending on the application)
Stop category 0
Designation Air and creepage distances between the power circuits
Standards/regulations DIN EN 50178/VDE 0160
Rated surge voltage / insulation

4 kV / basic isolation (safe isolation, reinforced insulation and 6 kV between input circuit/N/C contacts and enabling current paths).

Rated insulation voltage 250 V
Pollution degree 2
Surge voltage category III


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