ANALOG PROX 18mm 0-10V 600mm RNG 4-WIRE M12 Q/D


Produced by Automationdirect
Mounting Type  SU1-B1-0*
Nominal Sensing Distance 200 to 1500mm (7.87-59.06in)
Operating Distance  N/A
Output Type 0-10VDC
Operating Voltage 18-30VDC
No-load Supply Current  < 35mA
Operating (Load) Current < 5mA
Off-state (Leakage) Current < 10μA
Repeat Accuracy ±2mm
Time Delay Before Availability (tv)  =<  500ms
Reverse Polarity Protection  Yes
Short-Circuit Protection  Yes (switch auto-resets after overload is removed)
Lineariy Error  =< 0.3%
Ultrasonic Frequency  180kHz
Ultrasonic Beam Angle 
Max. Response Time 150ms
Control Input  Hold / Sync
Input Voltage Transient Protection  Yes, only if transient peak does not exceed 30VDC
Operating Temperature  -25° to +70°C (-13° to 158°F)
Temperature Compensation  Yes
Protection Degree  IEC IP67
Housing Material  Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT)
Shock/Vibration  See Terminology Section
Tightening Torque  3 Nm (2.21lb-ft)
Weight (cable/connector)  54g (1.90oz) / 38g (1.34oz.)
Connection  2m (6.5’) axial cable or M12 (12mm) connector
Agency Approvals  CE, UL listed file E187310