Module Festo CPX-FB13



Property No
Product Type Festo For CPX terminal
Short type code CPX
Additional functions - Acyclic data access via DPV1
Additional functions Additional diagnostics interface for operator units
Additional functions Channel-related diagnostics via fieldbus
Additional functions Start-up parameterisation in normal text via fieldbus
Additional functions System status can be represented using process data
Ambient temp -5 - 50 °C
Baud rate 96 ... 12000 kBit/s
Bus-specific LED display BF: Bus error
CE mark (see declaration of conformity) to EU directive for EMC
Communication types DPV0: cyclical communication
Communication types DPV1: Acyclic communication
Configuration support Device database file
Control elements DIL switches
Corrosion resistance classification CRC 1
Device-specific diagnostics - Diagnostic memory
Device-specific diagnostics - Undervoltage of modules
Device-specific diagnostics Channel and module-orientated diagnostics
Dimensions W x L x H 50 mm x 107 mm x 50 mm
Dimensions W x L x H (including interlinking block)
fieldbus interface 2x M12 x 1, 5-pin, B-coded
fieldbus interface Sub-D plug, for self-assembly
fieldbus interface Sub-D socket, 9-pin
Intrinsic current consumption at operating voltage Typ. 200 mA
Materials information, housing PA-reinforced
Materials information, housing PC
Maximum address volume for inputs 64 byte
Maximum address volume for outputs 64 byte
Nominal operating voltage DC 24 V
Operating voltage range DC 18 - 30 V
Parameters configuring - Diagnostic behaviour
Parameters configuring - Failsafe response
Parameters configuring - Forcing of channels
Parameters configuring - Signal setup
Parameters configuring - System parameter
Product weight 115 g
Product-specific LED display M: Modify, parameterisation
Product-specific LED display PL: load supply
Product-specific LED display PS: electronics supply power, sensor supply power
Product-specific LED display SF: system error
Protection class IP65
Protection class IP67
Protocol Profibus DP
Storage temperature -20 - 70 °C


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