Part number: 533360 For valve terminal MPA-S


Property No
Produced by Festo
Product Type Festo For valve terminal type 32
Short type code VMPA1
Corrosion resistance classification CRC 1
Corrosion resistance classification CRC (when installed)
Diagnosis - Condition Monitoring
Diagnosis - Short circuit of valves
Diagnosis - Undervoltage of valves
Diagnosis - Wire break per solenoid coil
Intrinsic current consumption at load voltage 3 mA
Intrinsic current consumption at operating voltage 8 mA
Max. number of solenoid coils 8
Max. number of valve positions 4
Nominal breakaway current per solenoid coil 58 mA up to 24 ms
Nominal current with current reduction 9 mA after 24 ms


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